ROME SPEEDWAY-$3000 to win ROME BOSS + Full Race Program

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Adult Ticket: 18.00
Kids: 6.00
Kids: FREE
Adult Tailgate: 25.00
Kids: 11 & under-$11.00
Adult Pit Pass: 35.00
Kids: 11 and Under $11.00

Pit Gates Open: 4:00pm
Grandstand Gates Open: 5:00pm
Racing Starts: 7:00pm

It’s the Historic Rome Speedway $3000 to win Rome Boss Super Late Model plus a full race program! It’s gonna get wild ON THE WORLDS FASTEST HALF MILE!
Rome Speedway Standard Tire Rule -Any Hoosier 21 55 1350 1600
Super Late Model- $50 Entry Fee